Primary Producer: Meat & Eggs

All primary producers at the Peterborough Regional Farmers' Market grow or produce 100% of the product they sell.  Each vendor is third party verified. Follow the links under our vendor profile pictures to view certifications and verifications. The Peterborough Regional Farmers' Network also enjoys the great privilege of visiting all vendors at their farms to build a connection and level of trust, which we can then pass onto our customers with utmost confidence. We believe in transparency and providing our community with local food we can all trust.


Quick List of Producers - See bios below

  1. Ashburnham Farm Gaelic Garlic 
  2. Field Sparrow Farms 
  3. G. Fenton Farms 
  4. Kendall Hill Game Farm 
  5. Leahy Stock Farm 
  6. Miller Farms 



An all natural grass fed beef operation with a major focus on garlic and other vegetables such as asparagus, rhubarb, sweet potatoes, artichokes, squash, as well as unsprayed apples.

  • Contact:  Romeyn Stevenson
  • Township of  Otonabee South Monaghan , Peterborough County  
  • Distance from the market =  16km
  •   705 . 939 . 2300

Products: grass fed beef, garlic and garlic scapes and garlic starter plants, garlic pesto, etc. Sweet potatoes, squash, rhubarb, asparagus, artichokes, unsprayed apples.



Field Sparrow Farms

Field Sparrow Farms is a family-run business. Henry and Sarah Bakker believe responsible and innovative farming strategies benefit our customers, producers, the community as a whole, and the health of the earth. We are committed to producing premium meats in an ecologically sustainable way and providing our customers with a local alternative to factory-farmed meat. Protecting habitat for grassland bird species is a main feature of our management practices. 



  1. Pasture-raised chicken - whole/pieces/sausage (artisanal license, non-GMO)
  2. Grass-finished beef - variety of cuts, individually packaged Pasture-raised
  3. Pork - variety of cuts, individually packaged, sausage


G. Fenton  Farms is a members of the Artisanal Chicken Program. We are excited to offer you pasture raised and free ranged heritage breed chickens. Our farm is the only self hatching heritage breed farm in Ontario.

Products: Pasture raised chicken & free range heritage breed chicken - whole & pieces fresh & frozen. Later in the summer we will be rotisserie cooking our chickens at the market !! 


Kendal Hills Game Farm

Kendal Hills Game Farm is situated on 70 acres of rolling woodland in the ecologically sensitive Oak Ridges Moraine. Emily has called Kendal Hills home since she was a child and now she and Dave, as well as their two kids and her parents, are working with the land to farm pasture-raised fowl & other livestock and to cultivate and wild-harvest gourmet mushrooms. Emily & Dave are committed to the principles of regenerative agriculture.


  1. Mushrooms (shiitake, reishi, lion's mane, cinnamon cap, beech, pioppino, and six types of oysters)
  2. Chicken; pastured and raised on certified organic feed 
  3. Heritage turkeys; pastured and raised on certified organic feed 
  4. Toulouse Goose; free-roaming & non-GM feed
  5.  Bobwhite Quail eggs; raised outdoors in flight pen on certified organic feed
  6.  Muscovy duck; free-roaming & non-GM feed 
  7.  Squab; raised outdoors in flight pens & non-GM feed 
  8. Rabbit; cage-free, free-roaming & non-GM feed 
  9.  Tamworth pork; pastured & non-GM feed 
  10.  Honey from the 20 hives on our farm

Leahy Stock Farm

We are pleased to offer a full range of frozen beef and pork cuts from animals bred and raised on our farm and processed at a local government inspected facility. The 7th generation of our Leahy family is now involved in livestock farming in the Douro area. Our beef is from Shorthorn and Simmental cattle raised without artificial hormones or medicated feed. Cattle are developed on a combination of grain, hay and pasture. 100 % grass fed beef is also offered starting in the fall, and continuing as supplies last. Pork products are from our Berkshire and Tamworth heritage breed pigs. They are raised with access to outdoors all year and pasture forage in season. Beef and pork flavour and nutrition profile is enhanced when animals have access to actively growing forage. We take pride in offering quality food for our customers and actively encourage their feedback.

Products: Frozen cuts of Beef - ground beef, patties, sausage, stew beef, steaks, roasts, beef bacon, brazing and back ribs, soup and dog bones, oxtail, heart, tongue, liver, kidney. Frozen cuts of Pork - minced pork, sausage patties, gluten free pork sausage, side pork, smoked bacon, ham, chops, ribs, roasts, pork hocks, pig feet, liver.

Millar Farms

Millar farms is a local family run farm, which has been operating for 5 generations and is located in beautiful Otonabee South Monaghan Township. We produce eggs, roasting chickens, beef cattle, wheat, soybean, hay and pumpkins. Our family is proud of the products we grow and the relationships we have with our customers over the years. 

  • Contacts: Greg Clark
  • Keene, Township of Otonabee South Monaghan, Peterborough County  
  • Distance from the market = 14km
  •       705 . 917 . 0786
  • Twitter@ClarkMillarFarm

Products: Eggs, Roasting chickens, pumpkins, straw bales and corn stalks for decoration.