Kids & Families

... Make our market A special Place 


What happening for kids & families? 

The Market Kids' TENT

For information, a meeting spot, or shelter from the sun and rain, come check out our Kids' Tent, set up every Saturday just for you! We have colouring pages, books, toys, and a water table to help stay cool on hot days.

10:00 o'clock ~ kids' Hour

We try to offer a different children's activity every Saturday at 10:00AM. Some activities will take place at our kids' tent, some across from our tent at the south pavilion and others at Hello Baby!  There will always be a sign at the kids' tent telling you where to go! 


Upcoming Events ... 

August 11th @ 10:00 AM ~ Please join Rowan Tree Children’s School for an hour of crafts and free play with teachers Jessica and Alisha. We will offer painting and butterfly wand making and decorating. We will sing songs and tell a nature story about William and the Beaver. We look forward to welcoming your children!



August 18th, 25th and Sept 1st ~ 10:00AM ~ The Peterborough Storytellers will be back for 3 more weeks of story hour at the south pavilion. Come join us on our story carpet. Our storytellers will be .... 

Aug 18th: Leslie Ogilvie

Aug 25th: Hermione Rivison

Sept 1st: Cliff McDonald


Upcoming August & September events with dates to be confirmed.

Stay tuned, check back!

  • Peterborough GreenUp Water Education & Play
  •  Kids Yoga with Matt Brill 

Hello Baby! 

241 Charlotte St.


    We have officially partnered with Hello Baby! to offer services for children and families on our market days. Just through the breezeway at 241 Charlotte St. (corner of Charlotte and Aylmer), you can find a safe and quiet place to feed your baby, change a bum or simply get out of the sun or rain and enjoy a family-friendly space. With a lovely play room for kids of all ages and friendly, welcoming hosts, we're lucky to share this little sanctuary with you. 

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