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Feather & Stone

Handmade jewellery inspired by nature.

Product: Handmade jewellery and smudge supplies.


Funky Buddha Collection

Organic, locally made clothing: t-shirts, nighties, bath robes... hand dyed in my back yard using natural dyes such as indigo, osage, logwood and marigolds. Eco plant dyed clothing using local dyeing plants such sumach leaves, marigolds and apple leaves.

  • Contact: Suzanne Vaillancourt

  • 171 Lock Street Peterborough

  • Distance from the market =

  • suzanne@funkybuddhacollection.com             705.761.7803

  • funkybuddhacollection.com

  • Facebook @funkybuddhacollection

  • Instagram @funkybuddhacollection

    Product: Suzanne Vaillancourt uses plant dyes from around the world to eco print images of plants and flowers found in nature. Hemp is her fabric of choice because it’s naturally organic. It needs no pesticides to grow and gives back to the soil and our planet by providing nutrients and oxygen. In a world where fast fashion and disposable clothing is the norm Funky Buddha Clothes are durable and timeless works of art.


Pottery Group

The Pottery Group includes six different potters from the Kawartha Potters Guild who sell their pottery at market on a rotating basis. Each potter produces excellent, high quality, unique work, and shares a similar philosophy and enthusiasm for interacting with the public, as well as dedication to their art. The six potters are Carolyn Cisco, Kristina Albright, Clara Doucette, Cathy Allen, Karina Bates, and Priya Harding.  

Product: All pottery has been completely produced by each local potter. Items might include hand made bowls, plates, cups, mugs, jewellery, garlic graters, yarn bowls, etc. Clay is purchased at the nearest source, Toronto. And all potters use locally made, food safe glazes, and fire their work in local studios.


RASA Ayurveda

Rasa Ayurveda is a modern Ayurvedic Apothecary, Clinic & School founded upon ancient wisdom to help you live a life of heightened vitality and joyful radiance. What’s Ayurveda? It is one of the oldest traditional medical systems known to the world today, said to originate more than 5000 years ago in India. Inspired by this classical healing science of India, we offer everything from Consultations, Treatments, Retreats & Cleanses to a wide-range of Apothecary Products.

Product: Our handcrafted line includes specially-formulated oils, potions, elixirs and tools for daily self-care and ritual, sourcing only vegan and organic ingredients of the highest quality and vibrancy and infusing each product with love and mantra.



Potter Bill Reddick creates hand thrown Porcelain that is both functional and beautiful. Bill made Canada's Official State Dinnerware for Rideau Hall, and settings for the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo. Bill welcomes visitors to his Studio and Gallery at 926 High Street.

Products: Mugs, cups, goblets, platters, teapots, bowls, vases



The Willow's Bark is a wildcrafted and organic skincare and herbal remedies company focused on clean beauty, sustainability, and an awareness of what grows within our local habitat.

Products: lip balm, salve, body lotion, beard oil, aftershave, beard wax, moustache wax, face wash, serum, facial tonics, tinctures, teas, superfood powders, bath bombs, bathmilks, lubricants, Essential Oil roll-ons, facial steams, soap