Market Governance


Peterborough Regional Farmers Network

The Peterborough Regional Farmers’ Market (PRFM) is governed by the Peterborough Regional Farmers Network (PRFN), which is a registered Not-for-Profit Corporation that has a mandate to:

  • Advocate for regional food sovereignty, fair marketplaces, and policies at all levels of government and civil society that support farming businesses

  • Promote and support collaborative relationships

  • Inter-connect farmers to build an inclusive agricultural and business community

  • Research and develop best practices for agricultural production, distribution, and marketing

  • Consult with farmers and community stakeholders to identify, develop, and review projects and goals that support the local food system

Present PRFN Board of Directors:

Henry Bakker, Board Member  (farmer)

Astrid Manske, Board Member (farmer)

Lauren Nurse, Board Member (farmer)

Sam McLean, Board Member (farmer)

Julie Fleming, Board Member (farmer)

Peter Hughes, Board Member (farmer, on leave)

Neil Hannam, Board Chair (non-farmer)

Josh Blank, Board Treasurer (non-farmer)

Brooke Erickson, Board Secretary (non-farmer)

Paul Norris, Board Member  (non-farmer)

Farmers' Market Steering Committee 

A Farmers’ Market Steering Committee (FMSC) will oversee the operations of the farmers’ market using the Terms of Reference and the PRFM Mandate, as provided by the PRFN. The FMSC will consist of three community members, with relevant skills, appointed by the PRFN Board of Directors. Two farmer vendors and one non-farmer vendor will also be appointed by the PRFN Board of Directors. A Chair (non-partisan community member), recruited by the PRFN Board of Directors will chair meetings and vote only in case of a tie.  Two of the FMSC members and the Market Manager will attend PRFN BoD meetings, as non-voting members, in order to maintain good communication channels and working relationships.

The FMSC will consult with vendors, community members, customers, government organizations, elected officials and other relevant stakeholders in order to govern and operate the farmers’ market in a fair, transparent and inclusive manner.

The FMSC will hire a Market manager to support and manage the market on each market day. The FMSC and the market manager will follow policies, rules and regulations, and the mission statement of the farmers' market, which can be seen below. The policies, rules and regulations, and mission statement will be reviewed after one year to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Peterborough Regional Farmers’ Market Mission Statement:

  • To provide a venue for local primary producers within the Peterborough region to sell their products

  • To maintain the integrity of the Peterborough Regional Farmers' Market as a true “farmer’s market” by ensuring the majority of vendors are local primary producers who sell what they grow or raise

  • To provide space for local community groups to promote their causes and programs

  • To strengthen the connections between local food, farmers, and the consumer through direct contact via market days, sales and education

  • To promote a festive and vibrant community experience by inviting local food vendors and artisans into the market to showcase the value added production of local food and artisanship of local craft makers within the region

  • To build relationships with the City, rural counties, and the community and to promote the economic, social and cultural value of agriculture within the region


MARKET Management

The Market Manager is hired by the PRFM steering committee and approved by the PRFN Board of Directors.  The Market Manager is a full-time contract position that will be renewed annually.  The responsibilities of the Market Manager are as follows:

  • Organize and maintain a smoothly running market.

  • Liaise with and nurture positive relationships with market neighbours and landlords, community partners and other key stakeholders.

  • Plan the market stall layout, schedule vendors, and assign vendor sites.

  • Recruit, evaluate and manage vendors as per PRFM standards.

  • Provide input into and ensure compliance with the market Rules and Regulations.

  • Address issues and resolve problems during the market season with vendors and/or customers (see PRFM Conflict Transformation Protocol).

  • Recruit, train and manage PRFM volunteers at the market.

  • Manage not-for-profit organizations and community booths to share market space.

  • Collect weekly vendor fees and revenue data; make records and monies available to the PRFN treasurer in a timely manner.

  • Implement and promote special events and fundraising at the market with subcommittee

  • Manage PRFM communications including; mail, emails, phone calls, and social media.

  • Engage in promotional activities.

  • Report to the Board Chair, or her/his designate, any matters that require Board attention and provide regular market updates at PCFM steering committee meetings.

  • Attend Board meetings in a non-voting capacity and take meeting minutes.

  • Submit an annual report in collaboration with the FMSC within 30 days of the end of the market year.



  • Regional– PRFM uses a tiered definition of Regional. Priority will be given to vendors of products produced or raised within Peterborough County. For products unavailable within the County, the PRFM will widen its definition of regional producers to neighbouring counties and townships as needed.

  • Primary Producer/Farmer - a market vendor who is actively involved in the production and harvesting of 100% of the agricultural products they offer for sale

  • Farmers’ Market - a true farmers’ market, according to the Food Premises Regulation of the Ontario Health Protection and Promotion Act, “is a market at which greater than 50% of the vendors (i.e. 50% +1) must be producers of farm products who are primarily offering for sale their own products.” The PRFM will aim to always have 60 percent primary producers who grow 100 percent of the agricultural product they are selling